What do we do
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What do we do?

We perform, passionately!

Usually KARAWANSEREI meets once a week and works with, improviationally, those issues which come to mind and are meaningful to us: contemporary or timeless, based on texts or freely improvised. We find our sources here and there… The appreciation of differing cultural backgrunds is fostered by the choice of the material we play with (fairytales, personal biographies, anecdotes, jokes etc.). Until now all linguistic barriers which even posed problems for the body language – could be resolved by a translation of the group together! We delight in our speech diversity again and again!

About two times a year we show and share our performances to a public, largely consisting of friends, family and other interested people. Through the wide rang of other participating artists such as stage designers and set painters, seamstresses, musicians and so on – teamwork experiences in a constructive atmosphere are possible. The actresses find themselves in a respected position in the midst of it all!